Majorca – October 2018

Mallorca 2018

Sure everyone has heard members of CV discussing trips to Mallorca … and takes of Sa Calobra, Col de Soller, Lighthouse etc.

Well some of us are going again from 29th September or the 1st October  …. some for a week .. some for longer … there is no fixed time.
Last year we met up with another group and have joined ranks with them and successfully negotiated a 10% discount. This discount would be on top of the early bird discount. We are looking to go with Stuart Hall cycling who run a number of rides each day to suit all abilities.

The Ryding’s, Ali Price, Chris Hines, and possibly the Pilikingtons are all going. It’s a chilled way to end the season with mostly guaranteed sunshine, great rides and company.
If anyone is interested then you MUST follow the guidelines below. There is no need to pay the full amount BUT the company, Stuart Hall cycling does require a £100 deposit. Bike hire price not confirmed but SH suggested he would honour last years prices= £12 per day. Chris and Alison have already booked our flights … going from Liverpool with Easyjet on the 29th Sept to the 8th October.

Link and following blurb has full details ..any questions then contact Ali, Carl or Dan.

Can you please let Ali Price know if you book.

Mallorca – Autumn 2018

Hi Guys, so all is now kindly agreed with Stuart Hall. There’s an early bird window at the moment, plus we get an additional 10% discount if you follow the steps below this week. We need to get at least 10 of us together to get the 10% discount, we have 9 confirmed at the moment with others likely to follow.

So, please go online and book and pay your deposits this week.

In the booking form box that asks what GROUP you’re with, please put my name followed by “Clawson & Croston Velo”

i.e. Group: Alison Price– Clawson & Croston Velo

If you don’t do the above that it’s unlikely that we’ll cross the 10 people mark for the 10% discount, so please don’t forget.

Finally, in the Additional Information box, please write the following:

Additional Information: “Clawson & Croston Velo” – 10% Discount Agreed between Stuart Hall and Wayne Kay

 FYI – We are selecting the Playa Mar Hotel this year (The Clawson crowd stayed in Mar Senses Hotel last year).

There’s no DISCOUNT CODE to apply, just remember the above steps. The discount will be applied when they request the balance from you later in the summer.

Book here:

Agreed travellers so far, are:

Wayne Kay – 29/9 to 6/10

Mike Tebbutt – 29/9 to 6/10

Mick McQuillan – 30/9 to 5/10?

Johnny Monks – 29/9 to 6/10

Jason Monks – 29/9 to 6/10

Chris Hines

Ali Price

Carl Ryding

Shirley Ryding

Croston Velo Youth Section

Following a successful trial last year Croston Velo is really pleased to announce the expansion of our youth section to include a monthly ride programme to support younger cyclists in acquiring the technical skills, road awareness and endurance base needed to transition to the main Croston Velo group rides.

If this is of interest to you please review the full details on

Thank you for David McLennan and David Caine for setting this up and also Kerry Rigby for offering to support going forward.

Summer Weekday rides

To make things slicker and easier for members in 2018 we have created 10 set routes for the Tuesday and Thursday rides (plus two bonus ones if people want a hilly one on those long sunny, summer evenings – positive mental attitude!). This way you can download all twelve routes to your Garmin now titled CV1 – CV12 and it will save you downloading a new route each week. The chosen route for a Tuesday/Thursday ride will be announced the evening before via our social media channels.

All routes have been published permanently on the route directory page of our website for future reference .

Croston Velo AGM – Committee

Firstly thank you to all who attended yesterday evenings AGM at Croston Sports Club it was great to see so many of you along to discuss the progress of the club. It is really important that we hear and understand what our members want so we can best shape the club for future success.

We had a hugely successful year in 2017/18 which included

·         Growing our membership to 112 members

·         Continuing with some long established social events which were better attended than ever before (Summer BBQ, Xmas party/annual awards and the Festive fun ride)

·         Became affiliated to the main cycling bodies allowing members to compete nationally and in most NW leagues in Road race and time trailing

·         Ran our first Road Race at Bickerstaff

·         Had our first Road Race and Time Trial wins in club colours

·         Active participation by members in road races, time trialling, triathlon and sportive’s with members achieving personal goals along the way.

·         Significant growth in female membership

·         Creating our first junior rides

As I move into the role of chairman I want to thank Glen Higson for the work he has done over the last 4 years in the role. The club started from a conversation over a beer between Glen and Dave Taylor and never did they think that 4 years later we would have grown into the established club that we have now. Glen has worked hard alongside the committee to achieve this and at last night’s AGM the club voted unanimously to give Glen and Dave a lifetime membership for their contributions. 

In 2018/19 we look to continue this great success and there will be no significant changes. We need to continue with our vision of being a friendly and inclusive club for all where people can come to enjoy the joy of cycling amongst a group of like-minded people and make great new friends along the way.

As we grow I think remembering this vision is critically important for all of us. The clubs success is reliant on recruiting and retaining new members and as more people join our rides we must ensure they feel welcome and supported so they become ‘core’ members like all of us that turn up on a regular basis and are great advocates for our club.

Yesterday there were a number of changes in the committee which have been published on our website at . I would like to thank all outgoing committee members for their contributions to the club and I look forward to working with the new committee members in 2018/19 to ensure that the club continues to be the success it has become.

Minutes from the AGM will be published shortly once they have been written up

Kind Regards


Dan Styler


Annual Award Winners 2017

Congratulations to all our winners at the Croston Velo 2017 awards yesterday evening, what a great night was had by all.

Most Improved (Male) – Andy Harrison
Most Improved (Female) – Alison Price
Best Dressed – Carl Ryding
Half Wheeler of the year – David Bigio
Most Epic acheivement (Male) – Tom Rigby
Most Epic acheivement (Female) – Lindsey Styler
Best Strava Ride Title – David Bigio
Sprint Poacher – Tom Warren
Post Ride Beer Monster – Allan Suthers
Biggest Annual Mileage – Sean Owens
The Flying Dutchman – Lindsey Styler
Club Member of the year – Andrew Maddran

Affiliations for 2018

Pleased to confirm that all affiliations for the 2018 season are either completed or in the post. For the 2018 season Croston Velo will be affiliated to the following organisations

* British Cycling
* Club Time Trailling
* North Lancs Time Trialling association
* Lakes and Lancs SpoCo

Looking forward to another successful season for the club (once we get through winter!)

Croston Velo winter season 2017/18

Croston Velo Winter Season 2017/18

Unfortunately it’s that time of year again, the winter bikes are out and the mudguards are on (well most are anyway!). It is now pretty much dark when we head out for our Tuesday and Thursday evening rides so here are a few pointers for us to stay safe and ‘enjoy’.

Winter routes – In the winter we usually publish a limited number of routes and stick to the same one. That way everyone knows where they are going and gets to know the roads and potholes (given the darkness doesn’t allow you much time to react to them). The winter routes for 2017/18 winter season will be published shortly.

Following the route – Groups should follow the published route. That way should the worst happen it makes locating a rider easier.

Group sizes and consideration for other road users – Ideally groups should be no larger than 10. Any more than this and it becomes particularly difficult to communicate and know whether everyone is together. It also becomes difficult and inconvenient for other road uses to pass due to reduced visibility beyond our group. Please be considerate to other road uses and where necessary single out to let people pass.

Checking who’s out – We have a good discussion going in the Whats app group now (if you are not in the group and wish to be added let Dan Styler or Paul Newton know). As the weather worsens numbers do start to fall a little. It may just be worth popping a message in WhatsApp to see who is out from your group.

Ride Speeds – Keep it sensible, hazards approach a lot faster in the dark. The ride speeds are guidance only and if the speed feels unsafe due to conditions then knock it down a mph or so. #safetyfirst

Sticking together – Please try and ensure you select a group suitable for your ability. No one likes to be left by the side of the road in the dark, please ensure we look out for one another through the winter months. If someone is dropping off the back of the group please can other members of the group check they are ok and know there way back before carrying on.

Lights – Some descent lights really help, being able to see the road in front makes it easy to react to potholes and other obstacles that the British highways present us. Where possible keep a 2nd small light on the front and back as backup if your main light was to run flat or fail.

Clothing – Being cold and wet is the reason most people suffer on winter rides. If possible invest in the best quality kit your budget permits. When out in tough conditions you will certainly appreciate it! It is always recommended that you carry a waterproof (you just never know!) Out kit window is currently open until the 16th October with a full range of winter kit.

Mudguards – It’s the worst thing being behind someone without mudguards on a wet ride. As a minimum we suggest a rear mudguard for winter club rides, that way the person on your wheel doesn’t get as a mouthful of what is on the road. I use SKS raceblades and really like them as they clip on and off really easy and appear sturdy, therefore if you do get a random nice day you can unclip them.

Punctures – Punctures are more common in winter as the debris on the road increases. Make sure you are self-sufficient and able to fix a puncture, it is worth carrying a minimum of 2 spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump or CO2.

Tyres – Linked to the above. Proper winter tyres serve 2 purposes firstly they are more durable and secondly they have more grip for when it is wet. On the plus side they are often cheaper than softer compound summer tyres

Maintenance – Unfortunately the weather does take its toll on your bike, a lot of cyclists have a cheaper bike they use though winter for this very reason. Worst case though making sure your ride is in tip-top condition will prolong its lifespan, pay particular attention to moving parts such as the chain and group set.


If all else fails there is always the turbo…….. however it would have to be pretty bad to resort to that!

Croston Velo ladies only ride

The Croston Velo ladies only rides are now suspended for winter. A number of the ladies only group are attending spinning classes in Leyland on Monday’s if you are interested in coming along please contact Lindsey Styler.