Winter Routes 2021

Winter Routes 2021
As summer has well and truly drawn to a close and the last ‘bib short’ days seem to be behind us until spring 2022 we have decided to refresh the Winter routes for the dark months that lie ahead.
This provides a number of benefits (1) Routes are designed specifically with winter safety in mind e.g. better road surfaces, reduced traffic (where possible), turn left where you can (2) Also reducing the number of routes increases familiarity helping to ensure people know where they are going and know where the inevitable potholes are!
Many thanks to Tim Bryning for the time he has spent thinking about, designing and re-designing these routes!
These routes will be used on the Tuesday and Thursday evening rides so please download them to your GPS device if you intend to ride these. Given the groups are smaller we do not feel the need to pre-publish the route each week and the members present can pick what ride suits them best on the night.
These routes are in use from 9th November 2021 until a change is confirmed in Spring 2022. Please note all routes are anti-clockwise.
** all the routes are now available on please note they are towards the bottom of the page as we have left the summer routes on in case people still wish to use them for the daytime rides.