Winter Safety Information

Croston Velo Winter Safety Briefing. November 2021

My attention was recently drawn to the efforts trade teams are making to improve the safety of their riders whilst out on training rides. For instance they are producing high-visibility training kits and the use of daytime running lights. For example the Trek riders are mandated to train in high-vis kit and ride with lights at all times.

Here are some points to take from the pro ranks.

  • Using daytime running lights, even when the sun is shining, can reduce the likelihood of an accident by 19%.
  • Wearing some high-vis clothing helps you stand out from your surroundings.
  • Drivers have a better chance of seeing you.
  • The moving parts of your body – feet, ankles, legs – draw drivers’ attention.
  • Wear bibs, tights, socks, shoes or covers incorporating fluorescent and reflective materials on these parts.
  • At night wear kit that incorporates reflective material which will reflect light from street lamps or car headlights.

Mud guards are essential when group riding in winter and whilst they will keep the worst of the spray off you many of the products out there don’t stop the spray flicking onto riders behind. Raw mudflap extensions provide a cheap and effective way to stop the splash on those riding behind. Reflective versions of course also help you to be seen by drivers.

A reminder that Croston Velo strongly recommends third party liability insurance as a minimum to protect yourself if you are involved in an accident with other road users that is deemed your fault. 3rd party liability insurance is available relatively cheaply (compared to the rest of cycling!) through British Cycling membership, an optional extra on many home insurance policies or a number of other cycling insurance providers.

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