Majorca 2020

Following on from the success of our Croston Velo Majorca trip Sept/October 2019 we are planning on heading out there again this autumn. 

To ensure it is flexible and suits everyone we are using a company we know well, Stuart Hall Cycling, and we are staying at the Playa Mar Hotel in Puerto Pollensa. That way you can join us for the whole two weeks or simply fly out for a long weekend, Stuart Hall will arrange the transfers and we will all be staying in the same hotel. They run at least three groups each day from the hotel and cater for all abilities so works for the whole club (we simply meet after the rides for a few recovery ales, much the same as returning to Croston sports club).  All rides are posted in the foyer of the Playa Mar hotel and rides start from this point at 10 every morning.

Carbon bikes are available to hire at a reduced price of £15 per day for Croston Velo members or if you prefer to fly your steed out, the hotel are more than happy for you to keep your pride and joy in the room. A point to note, if you ride a top of the range machine, then these bikes will never feel like yours! If you were to hire the equivalent top end bike, you would expect to pay in the region of £45-£85 per day.

The first people are going out on Saturday 26th September and the last people are coming back Saturday 10th October, but there is no reason you can’t stay past this date. 

You simply book online at

 choose the dates for your stay and select the Playa Mar hotel. There are discounted ‘early bird’ prices available now until the end of July (10% off the standard price) and Croston Velo has a further 10% off due to the size of our group, simply add the booking code CV2020 into your booking to receive this off the final invoice. 

Flights are available daily from Liverpool and Manchester with Easyjet, Ryanair and Jet2. 

If you would like to know what the trip was like, or what to expect, talk to any of the members who went last year, I am sure they will still be as enthusiastic.

It would be great to see Croston Velo overseas again Sept/October 2020, see you there!

** Please note Stuart Hall has confirmed that no customer will lose out in the event of cancellation due to COVID-19 travel restrictions (in the event of a 2nd wave). If your holiday is cancelled you will receive a full refund or can transfer your booking to a later date (whichever suits you best – no questions asked). Please note this does not apply to your flights and each airline will have different refund policies that you should check prior to booking.

Croston Velo Temporary Ride Structure (while COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are eased)

Thank you for your patience while the Croston Velo committee discussed its approach to the recent British Cycling guidance (full article can be found at ) and more recently the government announcements about the reduction in the 2m rule to 1m plus from the 4th July.

The following is how Croston Velo club rides will be altered up until 4th September (at which point the committee will review its guidelines) or when further official guidance from British Cycling becomes available, whichever is sooner).

What is important at this stage is we recognise the diversity of personal circumstances, health and attitudes to risk that make up our club and understand that there will be a number of different viewpoints. As such the below 2 tier guidance is designed to help cater for as many different people as possible. Our intention is to resume club rides week commencing Monday 6th July (therefore the first ride being Tuesday 7th July).

Before we go into our ride structure the following is a summary of the current guidance.

  • From 18th June club and group activity is permitted
  • Group sizes must be a maximum of 6
  • The 2 meter rule must be adhered to when riding (we hope this will fall in line with the 1m plus rule from the 4th July – which is why we have chosen this date)
  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or showing any symptoms you must not attend group sessions
  • If you over 70 you should continue to minimise contact with others from outside your own household.

Other general guidance from the Croston Velo

  • Clearly personal hygiene and hand washing is more important than ever
  • Please avoid clearing your throat or nostrils while in a group
  • From a data protection point of view while people are on club rides we maintain the right to pass on members details if requested for the official purpose of contact tracing.

Two Tier approach

Tier one – For those considered high risk or consider themselves risk adverse we encourage ‘bubbles’ to be set up (more detail below).

Tier Two – For those considered low risk we will operate standard club rides with staggered start times, social distancing measures and additional guidance.

Tier OneBubbles

It is recognised that some people may be higher risk and consider it too early to re-commence normal social activity, however may want to start riding in a group again.

If this applies to you then we encourage you to set up or join a ‘bubble’. These will consist of the same 6 riders and will ensure that social contact is not spread too widely. People are encouraged to set up and operate their own bubbles until 4th September should they choose to do so. Clearly we are happy for these rides to take place at the same time as standard Croston Velo club Rides, use the same published route if they wish to and for riders to be in club kit. We would encourage that bubbles potentially choose a different start location in the village than Croston Sports club to avoid congestion in the club car park with the standard rides.

Tier Two – Modified standard club rides

Where riders consider themselves lower risk and are happy to have a slightly wider social contact then a format closer to standard will apply which is detailed below

Upon arrival groups must be divided into equal numbers with maximum group size of 6. As a club it is important to know who is on each ride should we be contacted by tracers to confirm. Please can you ensure you pre-register by clicking ‘I’m In/join event’ on the relevant ride on the Strava club (this can be accessed on both the web and mobile version on Strava). If you are not a member of the Strava club you can join by clicking on the following link . We ask that you register for the ride no later than 6pm on the evening of the weekday rides or the evening before for the Sunday morning rides.

  1. Weekday Rides (Tuesday & Thursday)

Rides will continue to start from Croston Sports Club car park but will have a staggered start time to ensure the car park doesn’t get congested.

  • C Group – 18:30
  • B group – 18:40
  • B+ group – 18:50
  • A Group – 19:00 (Thursday only – Please note on Tuesday’s A group riders join B+)

* More detail on the ride speeds can be found on our website, please ensure you select an appropriate group

To prevent congestion we ask that rides start promptly, please try and avoid arriving more than 10 minutes before your ride time to ensure the other ride has left the car park.

A route from the route directory will be published the evening before. Please ensure you have all routes downloaded to your GPS device where possible as this makes it easier for the group of navigate

  • Sunday Rides (8:00 and 9:30)
  • 8:00 – The faster of our two Sunday rides. This will be B/B+ pace and a route will be published the evening before so riders are aware of ride distances/elevation. Upon arrival at the car park if more than 6 are in attendance please ensure groups are divided into equal numbers of approximately the same ability.
  • 9:30 – The steadier of our two club rides with a mix of B and C group riders. The route will be decided upon arrival dependant on the ability of riders presents and weather conditions. Upon arrival at the car park if more than 6 are in attendance please ensure groups are divided into equal numbers of approximately the same ability.

We look forward to making the most of the remainder of 2020. As before people will have many different opinions on what is the best way to approach this, we simply ask that you respect the above guidelines that are designed to balance ‘getting back to a new-normal’ with the safety of our members. Clearly if you do not feel it safe to re-join the club rides yet this is your own choice and Croston Velo is not responsible should anyone contract COVID-19 during any of its rides.

Croston Velo 2020 Season

The 2020 season to date has been fairly quiet so far as the UK continues to take measures to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic. It has been great to see so many of you getting out and about solo or clocking up the miles on Zwift hoping for brighter times when we can all ride out together again (and hopefully enjoy a beer in the sunshine on the sports club patio!).

At present the guidance in the UK is groups of up to 6 can meet outdoors to exercise as long as social distancing of 2 metres or more is maintained. Specific cycling guidance from British cycling suggests that in a group of this size it may not be practical to maintain social distance without causing signifciant disruption to other road users and suggests smaller groups would be sensible, the full guidance from British Cycling can be observed at the link below and we recommend all members follow this guidance.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though and at present British Cycling suggest that we may be able to recommence club riding in some format from the 4th July (pending further confirmation/guidance). With that in mind we want to be prepared and have published the routes for the Tuesday/Thursday evening club rides. Many thanks to Tim Bryning for taking the time to compile these. As always we suggest where possible you download all the routes to your GPS device, this will ensure that you only have to do it once during the year and the more people that have the routes on the device the safer and more convenient it makes navigating the group. The full route directory is available below at

Ride Directory

2020 Club Subs

Its that time of year again when we all look forward to the 2020 season. Club subs run from April to April and are therefore due before the 30/04/2020. 

Club subs for the season are £20 which can be paid direct into the club bank account, please include your name as reference and send Lindsey or Dan a quick message to confirm paid (details unchanged from prior seasons, please contact a Dan, Lindsey or Carl Jackson if you need the details – please note this is the much preferred method of payment as reduces the level of cash and the need to go to a bank). Alternatively if you wish to pay cash please pay Dan, Lindsey or Carl Jackson. If joining for the first time please be aware that we will need a completed membership form with your payment

Last year we offered a discounted rate as the club had surplus funds in the the account, we have made the decision to stick with the standard subs for 2020 for the following reasons

  • Club funds have reduced due to investing in a stock of club kit
  • We are not holding a road race in 2020 which has previously generated a small surplus
  • We are considering options to expand the bike storage if demand dictates and will need surplus funds for this. 

We look forward to another excellent year of cycling. 

Annual General Meeting

Croston Velo Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 23rd March at Croston Sports Club (19:00). It would be great to get as many of you there as possible to discuss how to take the club forward for the 2020 season. All current committee members intend to stand for re-election, if you are interested in putting yourself forward for any of the current  positions or finding out about how you can help out please let a member of the committee know before the event. 

Happy New Year to all our members and supporters, May it be another great year and many more happy miles on the bike.

Christmas Party and Annual Awards 2019

Croston Velo invites you and a guest to the 2019 Croston Velo Christmas Party. The evening is the premier event of the Croston Velo social calendar and includes a three course meal, Live DJ and the Croston Velo Awards ceremony celebrating our members ‘sucesses’ from the 2019 season. 

To purchase tickets please transfer £25 per person into the Croston Velo Bank Account (unchanged from previous, please contact us if you need details) and include your name as reference. Please also let Dan/Lindsey know that you have done this so we can register attedance. If you would like the vegetarian option please also mention this at time of booking. 

If you are unable to complete a bank transfer but would like to attend (our preference to avoid loads of cash floating about) then please see Dan and Lindsey in order to pay cash. 

Deadline for tickets is Sunday 1st December in order us to let the caterers know numbers.

We look forward to seeing you there for what will be a memorable evening.  

Croston Velo Winter Routes 2019

It looks like winter 2019 is now in full swing and it is getting dark before we set off for our evening rides. As usual at this time of year we shorten the ride distances and reduce the number of routes (to ensure you can become familiar with the route and road conditions). Please can all riders review the routes below and download them to a bike computer if you are able to do so. 

On a Tuesday evening one of three routes will be selected (Winter CV2, CV3 or CV4) depending upon the weather conditions on the evening. Thanks to Leigh Nolan for completing these. 

On a Thursday we will stick to one route throughout the winter season Winter CV1 until spring.

This year for each route we have also completed a risk assessment to identify some of the key risks and actions required to minimise these. Please ensure you read these everyones safety. Please note the roads are a very dynamic enviroment and these do not cover all risks, as usually please be sensible and aware of your surroundings and adjust ride speeds to suit the conditions. We will shortly publish a reminder on winter riding etiquette to support with this.

Winter CV1 – Thursday

Risk Assessment Winter CV1

Winter CV2 – Cobbs Brow

Risk Assessment for Winter CV2 Cobbs Brow

Winter CV3 – Hunters

Risk Assessment for Winter CV3 Hunters Hill

Winter CV4 – Banks

Risk Assessment for Winter CV4 Banks