New record membership

Great news for the 5th consecutive since we have been set up we are officially a growing club!

For the 2018/19 season we are now up to 113 paid members.

Remember we have now reduced membership to half price (£10) for the rest of the season (up until April 2019) so now is a great time to join to keep up that motivation through those winter months!

Its been a great season with so many memories, thank you to all who have been involved!

Half Year Membership

We are coming to the end of the summer season and we are nearly half way through the membership year (Which runs from 1st April until 31st March).

As of today any new members will pay half price membership of £10 which will take you through to next April.

If you wish to join please complete the membership form which is available at

Please send this through to Dan Styler or Lindsey Styler and you can pay subs either in cash or we can provide account details for a transfer.

Happy Winter Cycling!

Club Ride Etiquette Reminder

The club has recently received a complaint from a member of the public about a Croston Velo group riding through Mawdesley on Thursday 30th August. In this instance a group was passing a skip on the side of the road however as it passed a member of the group seemed to swerve out of the group in front of an oncoming vehicle causing the driver to have to slam on to avoid a collision.

We are unaware of who specifically this was however it seems like an opportune moment to ask all members of the club to always ride with courtesy for other road users and pedestrians. The club has a published guide to group riding and group etiquette to ensure the safety of everyone in the group, if you are unfamiliar please read/review this.…/group-riding-etiquette/

It has also been mentioned to me recently that it seems only a small number of each group have the routes downloaded to their GPS devices. The more members who have the routes available allows us to be more flexible when arranging groups and ride captains and also ensures you are aware of upcoming turns for safety. All 2018 routes are published on our ‘ride directory’ page of the website. If you are unable to download the route please try and familiarise yourself prior to the ride.

A step by step guide to downloading routes to Garmin has been published  below.

Garmin Guidance


Rainbow Ride Routes – Saturday 15th September

It’s now just under three weeks until our first ever Charity ride in aid of Rainbow House, if you still need to be inspired to sign up for this worthy charity watch the YouTube video through the link at the bottom of the page and then register at

The three routes we have planned are all set out below. We have mapped one 100 mile route specifically to appeal to those club members who want to chalk up their first ton, keeping the amount of climbing to a minimum. The 100k ride is also a flat ride and takes the same route as the 100 mile route for the first 35 miles to a cafe at Scarisbrick Marina (other cafes may be available). The third planned route is a more challenging 100 miles route taking in some climbs. Riders can decide on the day which ride they want to do.

All the rides will depart Rainbow House, Salt Pit Lane, Mawdesley at 09.00 after a photo call with the local press and some families waving us off. Depending on numbers we will split into groups of 6-10 and will be looking to nominate ride captains for each group (If you are happy to be a ride captain on the day then please let John Decamp, Kerry Rigby or Dan know so we can set this up beforehand and save time on the day). The rides are intended to be enjoyable for all and riders will not be dropped. There will be sandwiches provided back at the club in the afternoon after your ride and cricket club have welcomed us to stay on into the evening as apart of their social evening to drink beer, although a shower might be a good idea by then!

1. 100k ride.

2. 100mile ride.

3. Hilly 100mile ride-
(Café Puddleducks – Dunsop Bridge)

Rainbow House Video –

Matt Holt Rogers kicks off 50 for 50

Matt Holt-Rogers has today started his 50 for 50 challenge to ride 50 kms a day for 50 consecutive days. A great challenge and all for a great cause in Parkinson’s UK. If you would like to sponsor Matt then you can do so at , also im sure Matt would appreciate some company to help him out so if anyone is at a lose end get in touch with Matt and check out where is going. We look forward to the progress updates.

Rainbow Ride

Croston Velo are holding their first Charity bike ride in aid of a local Mawdesley based charity Rainbow House. The ride was the proposed by departing chairman Glen Higson as a way of us giving a little back to the communities in which we live. Alot of hard work has gone into the arrangements and liasing with the charity from Kerry Rigby and John Decamp.
The ride is on Saturday 15th September and there will be both a 100km and 100 mile route (to be announced shortly) starting and finishing at Rainbow House, hopefully there should be a ride for everyone that is enough to be regarded as a challenge but within your reach. For the first edition the ride is members only but this may well expand in the future.
Rainbow house is a purpose built charity which focuses  on children born with neurological damage, these children learn, develop and grow with the support and dedication from rainbow house. Anything we can raise can help towards resources/equipment and much more. Anything you can donate no matter how small really does make the world of difference. Rainbow House receive no public funding and rely totally on donations.
To register we ask that you donate £20 to the charity on the following link
If you wish to raise funds in support of the excellent work this charity does there is a Croston Velo page which you can share with friends and family (people are welcome to set up their own individually if they prefer but we felt this was the easiest option)
There will be a short presentation from Rainbow House at the BBQ to talk about the work that they do in our communities.
This should be a great event for a great cause. Please get behind it if you can.

Thank you to everyone who helped yesterday

We had an awesome days racing yesterday at the Croston Velo Road Race held at the Pimbo circuit. Congratulations to our race team of Tom Warren, Tom Hobson, Dave Bigio, Graham Yardley and Jo Ryding and awesome to get the home win. Chapeau to Tom Warren!

However none of would be possible with the help and support off a large number of volunteers who give up their time to make these things happen, here goes and I really hope I don’t miss anyone!

Thank you to our officials on the day Chris Novak, John Novak, Oliver Stuart and Rob Aindow who did a great job of ensuring we had a well-run and fair event, and our NEG riders Terry Martin and Andy Hunter for keeping everyone safe.

Thank you to Carl Ryding and Paul Newton for lead car duties, those well-polished cars looked immaculate in the midday Pimbo sun!

Thank you to all the marshalls you gave up there Sunday to stand by the side of a road on an industrial estate with a flag! Cheers Dave Taylor, Dan Connor, David McLennan, Gary Heron, John Decamp, Mandy Dirkzwanger, Nick Clarke, Peter Rigby, Peter Bland our our accredited marshals Ann Taylor and Keith Emery.

Thanks to our HQ crew who did a fantastic job of ensuring that sign on was a smooth and efficient process Andrea Whitehouse and Emma Pulsford.

Great work by Shirley Ryding and Kerry Rigby on getting all the catering together and managing it all on the day. Those cakes looked impressive and the drinks were needed in the scorching heat!

Thanks to Mark Wilson (from Taste) for providing a full scale coffee machine and supplying all the tea and coffee and sorry our generator wasn’t big enough to provide the power! Bit of an oversight on our part there….. Next time we will know better! Thankfully cold drinks were ok on the day as it was scorching (although I was getting caffeine withdrawal by the end of the day – making up for it today).

Thank you also to those people that didn’t have a specific task but were there on the day and kept busy as I gave out orders to takes stuff here, ferry all the kit to the start, film the finish, deliver food to marshals, taking time gaps, doing the lap board etc etc. (it was quite a tough job that one as you had to spend most of the day with me!). Cheers to Sarah Williamson, Andy Ashton on that one!

Ellen Isherwood was there capturing the moment as always. Her photos always capture the action in the best possible way and the NW racing scene would not be the same without you. Thank you. (Couple of photos below – appreciated)

Thank you to Event Medical UK for your medical support on the day (thankfully you had a quiet one as everyone stayed on two wheels).

Thanks to Heather Bamforth, Fred Bamforth (Racing Chance Foundation) and Colin Baldwin (Southport CC) who still provide me support and advice from time to time given this is only our clubs second road race promotion.

Thanks to Dave Cockram and Adam Newall at British Cycling for co-ordinating things from your perspective to make the race happen and also lending us some kit.

Finally perhaps the most important thank you is reserved for my wife Lindsey Styler as although I was down as organiser it really was a joint effort to bring yesterday together. Lindsey handled so much of the logistical arrangements and collecting of kit this year and invested many, many hours in making it happen. Thank you for all your support.

That’s a long list of thank you’s but without you all it cannot happen so on behalf of Croston Velo Thanks again for making a great days racing and we really appreciate your support.