Croston Velo Club Kit

For this club kit window we are going to try a new kit supplier (albeit we have used them previously) GSG. You can read more about them and download a brochure at

With this supplier we have to order a minimum of 10 of each item (e.g. 10 Jerseys or 10 bib shorts) however as a result they do represent great value for money given the high quality of the product. The club Jersey will come in at £40 per Jersey and the bib shorts will be £50, people have also enquired about the possibility of a gilet (we will find out a price, if you would be interested let us know and we will see if we can get near the 10 minimum order). We have a selection of samples so you can try them on for size, these will be at the sports club after club rides on a Thursday, if you cant make this and would like to try kit on do let us know and we will see what we can arrange.

If you would like a Jersey and/or bib shorts let Dan Styler, Lindsey Styler or Steve Nolan know and we will ensure it is added to the order, please MESSAGE US DIRECT so that kit orders dont go missing amongst the noise in the main WhatsApp group. You will also need to pay the funds into the Croston Velo bank account (same as the subs or available on request) before the kit window closes to secure your order.

The kit order window will CLOSE ON 31ST MAY so dont miss out if you want a Jersey.

Going forward the intention is for the club to carry a stock to avoid the 6 week wait time for custom kit.

Alternative kit supplier

For one off, top quality cycling kit we do have a premium supplier which is No Pinz.

No Pinz Custom Kit Brochure 2019

With No Pinz you can order singular items (no minimum order) in Croston Velo colours. Jerseys start from £70 upwards and a whole range of kit is available (see website above). Dan Styler will co-ordinate a no pinz order which will also close on 31st May. If you would like to be sent the price list for custom kit drop Dan a line and we can send he will send it over.

Croston Velo Time Trial

Race Report – Croston Velo Time Trial – 27/04/2019 – 18:00

Croston Velo hosted its first ever open time trial on the evening of Saturday 27th April. It wasn’t the easiest conditions for our first attempt with high winds and heavy rain in the forecast, it wasn’t until 14:00 on the Saturday that the call was finally made to proceed with the race and not cancel it.

Firstly, we would like to thank Nigel Clementson who stepped up to head the organisation, Nigel has a wealth of experience in bringing these events together and we couldn’t of done it without his support.

We would then also like to thank all the Croston Velo volunteers who gave up their time on a grim evening to stand by a road in Cumbria and get very wet!

HQ – Nigel Clementson, Daniel Styler, Shirley Ryding & Sharon Parker

Timekeepers – Tracey Moore & Derrick Black with Kerry Rigby as spotter

Pushing off – Carl Ryding & Brian Parker

Marshalls – Andrea Whitehouse, Alison Price, Jane Bodrick, John DeCamp, Nick Clarke, Peter Bland & Peter Rigby.

We would also like to thank the Caddy Café (mobile café) and Nicky and George Wilson for their excellent service and providing quality hot drinks to keep us all warm and hydrated!

Now to the race, with the challenging weather the turnout was not at its best with a number of riders deciding not to make the journey and some deciding to not ride at all (potentially wisely) when the heavens decided to open 20 minutes after the first rider was off. With a stern side wind for most of the course we were not expecting the quickest of times. However we were proved wrong with some pretty impressive times being recorded and a PB or two floating around from the conversations back at HQ.

At the same time we were also hosting the NLTTA junior 10 miles time trial championships where some further impressive times were posted.

Congratulations to our winners Adam Duggleby of Vive Le Velo who won the men’s event with an impressive time of 19:03, while Erica Booth of Lancashire Road Club won the women’s prize with a PB of 21:53. I’m delighted to say that Croston Velo won the team prize with great rides from Tom Rigby, Sean Owens and Graham Yardley. Croston Velo also had two on the podium with Tom Rigby taking 3rd place in the men’s and Lindsey Styler taking 2nd in the women’s.

The podium for the NLTTA Juvenile/Junior 10 mile championships was Bronze to Adam Harris of Abergavenny RC with a time of 22:21, Silver for Samuel Pugh of Salt Ayre Cog Set and the winner on the day with an excellent time of 21:10 was  Aidan Lawrence of Green Jersey RT. 

Full list of prize winners below

1st Male Adam Duggleby Vive Le Velo 19:03
2nd Male    Andy Jackson Aerocoach 19:39
3rd Male Tom Rigby Croston Velo 19:47
4th Male Dave Allonby Springfield Financial RT20:12
5th Male Henry Moss Barrow Central Wheel 20:35
6th Male Beau Smith Ribble Cycles 20:45
1st Female Erica Booth Lancashire RC 21:53
2nd Female Lindsey Styler Croston Velo 23:52
3rd Female Vanessa
Springfield Financial RT 24:28
1st V40 John Morgan RT 20:45
1st V50 Adrian Hughes Seamons CC 21:02
1st V60 John Huggon Ribble Valley C & RC 22:35`
1st Team Croston Velo  

Massive thank you to Raymond Bracewell for braving the damp conditions to take some awesome photos. A full album from the day can be found at

Full results for the race are now available on CTT at

Summer Routes 2019

It’s starting to feel like spring with the lighter nights and milder weather! With the change of the clocks this weekend we can finally wave goodbye to the repetitive winter routes and start to have a bit of variety. Below are the new routes for the summer of 2019 please remove the 2018 routes from your device and download all of the routes below.

We will confirm the route for the Tuesday and Thursday evening rides the day before.

If you do have a device that allows for navigation then please download them where possible, it makes it a lot easier when sorting groups at the start if more people have the routes available. It is also better from a safety perspective the more people in the group who have the route and are not relying on calls from others within the group.

Thanks to Leigh Nolan for putting together routes 6 – 10, helps to split the workload.

 CV1 – 30 miles, 1100 ft of climbing (a sting in the tail with an ‘optional’ climb of Stoney Lane)

CV2 – 30.5 miles, 700 ft of climbing (Clieves Hill Classic – largely flat with a small climb)

CV3 – 27.7 miles, 550ft of climbing (Flat taking in the North Road and Martin Mere Loops)

CV4 – 25.8 miles, 1400 ft of climbing (Ashurst Beacon and Apply Bridge climbs)

CV5 – 28.5 miles, 1000 ft of climbing (Largely flat, elevation is deceptive due to a few drags)

CV6 – 35.4 miles, 1500 ft of climbing (Ashurst Beacon and Crank Road/Billinge Hill)

CV7 – 26.1 miles, 1000 ft of climbing (Lees Lane and Apply Bridge)

CV8 – 26.2 miles, 1100 ft of climbing (A cheeky start with Hunters then largely flat/downhill)

CV9 – 34.1 miles, 600 ft of climbing (Flat all the way – out to Birkdale)

CV10 – 33 miles, 400 ft of climbing (Even Flatter all the way! Southport classic loop)

CV11 – 27.8 miles, 1600 ft of climbing (Lumpy one over Anglezarke)

CV12 – 25 miles, 1700 ft of climbing (Hunters, Roby Mill and Stoney)

Let’s have a great summers cycling, thank you winter route you have served your purpose but let’s enjoy a bit of variety!

AGM, Dates for the Diary and Sub

We are pleased to confirm that the Croston Velo Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th March at Croston Sports club from 19:30. If available it would be great if as many members as possible could join the meeting to have your say on the running of the club and hear plans for the 2019 season.

At the AGM we will hold the election for all committee positions. All current committee members intend to stand in their current positions with the exception of Glen Higson and Tom Rigby who have chosen to stand down, we thank them for all the contributions you have made to the club. If you would like to stand for any of the remaining positions you can find out more about the roles at If you wish to do so please advise club secretary Lindsey Styler prior to the date of the AGM.

We are pleased to announce that due to the healthy club finances at present we have chosen to reduce the subs for one year down to £15. Subs for the 2019/20 season can be paid from now and are due by 31st March 2019. Club subs can be paid straight into the account (please include your name as reference – contact Dan or Carl Jackson for details). Or in cash to Dan, Lins or Carl (There will be an opportunity to pay cash on the evening of the AGM if you wish).

Dates for the diary 2019

* Croston Velo Time Trial – 27th April
* Summer BBQ – 20th July
* Croston Velo Road Race – 1st Sept
* Christmas Party and awards – 14th Dec

Kind Regards

Dan Styler

Winter Riding Etiqutte

So the clocks have gone back and there is certainly a notable change in the temperature this weekend. It always becomes that little bit more challenging to get out that door and go for a ride. Group cycling in winter can be a great way to stay motivated and it certainly pays dividends when spring arrives (which feels a long way away at the minute!).

However riding in a group when it is dark and the weather is often worst can create some additional hazards but if we all watch out for one another and follow some simple tips we can ensure we all have a pleasant and safe winter’s cycling. This time of year always throws up these challenges as we all still have our summer legs on but are suddenly plunged into darkness.

  • Group Size – In the dark/wind/rain it is often more difficult to communicate with one another, by having smaller groups it becomes easier to know whether riders have become separated from the group. Maximum group size will vary dependant on the weather conditions however 8 would seem a sensible starting point (less if it’s particularly grim and perhaps a couple more if it’s a nice still night).
  • Speed – In winter potholes and other hazards are identified/signalled a lot later than normal. Therefore to ensure safety it becomes necessary for the group to reduce the speed a little and leave a bigger gap to the wheel in front to allow more time to react.
  • Be aware – It is everyone’s responsibility to look out for one another, take note of how many are in our group and check to ensure people are still there frequently and when it is safe to do so. If someone is becoming separated from the group please check they are ok, it is possible they may have had a mechanical/medical or other issue and no one wants to be left by the side of the road with a problem in the dark/cold/wet.
  • Follow the route – Please follow the published route, if the worst should happen then at least we can narrow down where you could possibly be. The winter routes have been narrowed down to just 4 so we can become familiar with the directions and hazards. Thursday will always follow Winter CV1 and Tuesday will publish one of the other 3 routes the day before. As a reminder the winter routes can be viewed/downloaded from
  • Rider ability – In winter numbers naturally drop off and having a full range of groups becomes more difficult, as a result you will often find that groups can be more mixed ability and we need to adapt the pace accordingly. Please continue to try and set up different pace groups at the start of the ride if numbers allow as this will ensure those present continue to have a ride to suit them.

And a few useful tips on bike’s and gear

Mudguards – There is nothing worst on a bike than being sat behind someone without mudguards when the roads are wet. Out of courtesy to your fellow club mates in these conditions please fit some mudguards to ensure that they don’t end up with a mouthful of whatever is on the road.

Punctures –are more common in winter as the debris on the road increases. Make sure you are self-sufficient and able to fix a puncture, it is worth carrying a minimum of 2 spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump/CO2.

Tyres – Linked to the above. Proper winter tyres serve 2 purposes firstly they are more durable and secondly they have more grip for when it is wet, also consider a wider tyre diameter 25mm or 28mm if your bike frame allows. Remember to check them more regularly as a poorly maintained tyre can lead to more moments stood fumbling around in the dark by the side of the road with frozen fingers.

Maintenance – Unfortunately the weather does take its toll on your bike, a lot of cyclists have a cheaper bike they use though winter for this very reason. Worst case though making sure your stead is in cleaned on a regular basis will prolong its lifespan, pay particular attention to moving parts such as the chain/groupset as well as the braking surfaces and brake pads.

Lights – Get some decent ones, being able to see the road in front makes it easy to react to potholes and other obstacles that the British highways present us. Where possible keep a 2nd small light on front and back as backup if your main light was to run flat or fail. Ensure they are fully charged when leaving the house as its pretty dark out there when they fail on you.

Clothing – Being cold and wet is the reason most people suffer on winter rides. If possible invest in the best quality kit your budget permits. When out in tough conditions you will certainly appreciate it! It is always recommended that you carry a waterproof

New record membership

Great news for the 5th consecutive since we have been set up we are officially a growing club!

For the 2018/19 season we are now up to 113 paid members.

Remember we have now reduced membership to half price (£10) for the rest of the season (up until April 2019) so now is a great time to join to keep up that motivation through those winter months!

Its been a great season with so many memories, thank you to all who have been involved!

Club Ride Etiquette Reminder

The club has recently received a complaint from a member of the public about a Croston Velo group riding through Mawdesley on Thursday 30th August. In this instance a group was passing a skip on the side of the road however as it passed a member of the group seemed to swerve out of the group in front of an oncoming vehicle causing the driver to have to slam on to avoid a collision.

We are unaware of who specifically this was however it seems like an opportune moment to ask all members of the club to always ride with courtesy for other road users and pedestrians. The club has a published guide to group riding and group etiquette to ensure the safety of everyone in the group, if you are unfamiliar please read/review this.…/group-riding-etiquette/

It has also been mentioned to me recently that it seems only a small number of each group have the routes downloaded to their GPS devices. The more members who have the routes available allows us to be more flexible when arranging groups and ride captains and also ensures you are aware of upcoming turns for safety. All 2018 routes are published on our ‘ride directory’ page of the website. If you are unable to download the route please try and familiarise yourself prior to the ride.

A step by step guide to downloading routes to Garmin has been published  below.

Garmin Guidance


Thank you to everyone who helped yesterday

We had an awesome days racing yesterday at the Croston Velo Road Race held at the Pimbo circuit. Congratulations to our race team of Tom Warren, Tom Hobson, Dave Bigio, Graham Yardley and Jo Ryding and awesome to get the home win. Chapeau to Tom Warren!

However none of would be possible with the help and support off a large number of volunteers who give up their time to make these things happen, here goes and I really hope I don’t miss anyone!

Thank you to our officials on the day Chris Novak, John Novak, Oliver Stuart and Rob Aindow who did a great job of ensuring we had a well-run and fair event, and our NEG riders Terry Martin and Andy Hunter for keeping everyone safe.

Thank you to Carl Ryding and Paul Newton for lead car duties, those well-polished cars looked immaculate in the midday Pimbo sun!

Thank you to all the marshalls you gave up there Sunday to stand by the side of a road on an industrial estate with a flag! Cheers Dave Taylor, Dan Connor, David McLennan, Gary Heron, John Decamp, Mandy Dirkzwanger, Nick Clarke, Peter Rigby, Peter Bland our our accredited marshals Ann Taylor and Keith Emery.

Thanks to our HQ crew who did a fantastic job of ensuring that sign on was a smooth and efficient process Andrea Whitehouse and Emma Pulsford.

Great work by Shirley Ryding and Kerry Rigby on getting all the catering together and managing it all on the day. Those cakes looked impressive and the drinks were needed in the scorching heat!

Thanks to Mark Wilson (from Taste) for providing a full scale coffee machine and supplying all the tea and coffee and sorry our generator wasn’t big enough to provide the power! Bit of an oversight on our part there….. Next time we will know better! Thankfully cold drinks were ok on the day as it was scorching (although I was getting caffeine withdrawal by the end of the day – making up for it today).

Thank you also to those people that didn’t have a specific task but were there on the day and kept busy as I gave out orders to takes stuff here, ferry all the kit to the start, film the finish, deliver food to marshals, taking time gaps, doing the lap board etc etc. (it was quite a tough job that one as you had to spend most of the day with me!). Cheers to Sarah Williamson, Andy Ashton on that one!

Ellen Isherwood was there capturing the moment as always. Her photos always capture the action in the best possible way and the NW racing scene would not be the same without you. Thank you. (Couple of photos below – appreciated)

Thank you to Event Medical UK for your medical support on the day (thankfully you had a quiet one as everyone stayed on two wheels).

Thanks to Heather Bamforth, Fred Bamforth (Racing Chance Foundation) and Colin Baldwin (Southport CC) who still provide me support and advice from time to time given this is only our clubs second road race promotion.

Thanks to Dave Cockram and Adam Newall at British Cycling for co-ordinating things from your perspective to make the race happen and also lending us some kit.

Finally perhaps the most important thank you is reserved for my wife Lindsey Styler as although I was down as organiser it really was a joint effort to bring yesterday together. Lindsey handled so much of the logistical arrangements and collecting of kit this year and invested many, many hours in making it happen. Thank you for all your support.

That’s a long list of thank you’s but without you all it cannot happen so on behalf of Croston Velo Thanks again for making a great days racing and we really appreciate your support.

Club riding in Croston

We need to bring to your attention that we have received a complaint from a Croston resident which has come via British Cycling. The main element of the complaint involves conduct of club cyclists in and around Croston and general respect for other road users in the area.

I know that for many of you this will be upsetting as Croston Velo wants to me known as an inclusive club where like-minded people can come and enjoy the sport of cycling in a friendly, social environment. I feel the significant growth of the club in the last two years has meant that club rides have grown in numbers and as a result has caused some inconvenience to local residents. It seems sensible at this stage to remind club members of some simple points that if adhered to should ensure we can work together with the residents of Croston to ensure we minimise any disruption.

1. When cycling through Croston and other local villages please slow down and be respectful of local residents and your surroundings.
2. Never ride more than two abreast, and on narrow country roads please consider single file if appropriate to ensure no obstruction/risk to oncoming traffic.
3. When approaching road junctions ensure you reduce speed and be prepared to stop. Always ensure the road is clear and there would be adequate space of the group to navigate the junction before pulling out.
4. At the end of the ride please slow down as we re-enter Croston.
5. Always adhere to the Highway Code, if you wish to review this it can be found at (rules 59 to 82 apply to cycling).

We have enjoyed a very successful 4 years since the club started in 2013 working in partnership with Croston Sports Club we want to be seen in a positive light by our community providing opportunity for local people to enjoy the sport of cycling at all levels. Let’s ensure we all work together to minimise future disruption and build a positive reputation for the club.

We do have a guide to club cycling and the etiquette of riding in a group which is published on our website, if you haven’t yet reviewed this or feel you would like a refresh this is available at…/group-riding-etiquette/

Let’s ride safe and enjoy the rest of the summer (when it stops raining!)