Summer Routes 2022

As ever at the end of March it is great starting to see the better weather and with the clocks going forward the nights will be getting much lighter for our weekday evening rides.

With that in mind it is pleasing to see the back of the ‘winter routes’ and a new set of summer routes for 2022. These will allow us to go a little bit further and have a bit more variety each week. As ever thanks to the Tim Byrning for pulling together this set of routes for us.

There will be 10 set routes for 2022 (we may add a few more as the weeks progress) and these will be used on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. They are titled CVSUM22 #1 – CVSUM22 #10 with the name being followed by either C for clockwise or AC for anti-clockwise. The route map and profile is also available on the website.

There are also 10 set routes for the C group rides which can be found on the ride directory also.

We ask that where possible you download the routes to your GPS device as the more members that have the routes the easier and safer the navigation is, if you download them all at the start of the season it saves you downloading a separate one each week.

In advance of the Tuesday and Thursday evening ride we will publish the route for the rides so people know what the plans are in advance.

We look forward to a great summers riding and we hope for many dry, bright and warm evenings.

A reminder subs for the 2022/23 season are due before 30/04/2022 please see our earlier post for details.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the road