Croston Velo Winter Routes 2019

It looks like winter 2019 is now in full swing and it is getting dark before we set off for our evening rides. As usual at this time of year we shorten the ride distances and reduce the number of routes (to ensure you can become familiar with the route and road conditions). Please can all riders review the routes below and download them to a bike computer if you are able to do so. 

On a Tuesday evening one of three routes will be selected (Winter CV2, CV3 or CV4) depending upon the weather conditions on the evening. Thanks to Leigh Nolan for completing these. 

On a Thursday we will stick to one route throughout the winter season Winter CV1 until spring.

This year for each route we have also completed a risk assessment to identify some of the key risks and actions required to minimise these. Please ensure you read these everyones safety. Please note the roads are a very dynamic enviroment and these do not cover all risks, as usually please be sensible and aware of your surroundings and adjust ride speeds to suit the conditions. We will shortly publish a reminder on winter riding etiquette to support with this.

Winter CV1 – Thursday

Risk Assessment Winter CV1

Winter CV2 – Cobbs Brow

Risk Assessment for Winter CV2 Cobbs Brow

Winter CV3 – Hunters

Risk Assessment for Winter CV3 Hunters Hill

Winter CV4 – Banks

Risk Assessment for Winter CV4 Banks