Club Committee Meeting – 29th July



29rd June 2016

  1. Summer BBQ
  • Summer BBQ is now booked for Friday 12th August starting 19:00
  • All club members invited along with guests
  • Food will be provided by Croston Velo, however we would like to raise funds for a local charity the Sports Club is supporting (more details to follow) and suggest an optional donation of £5 per person to the charity payable on the evening
  • We also intend to run a Raffle, if any members are able to donate or obtain Raffle prizes we would be very grateful.
  • Glen to organise food for the evening.
  • A Facebook event will be set up so we can obtain numbers, this is the preferred method of confirming attendance as involves the least effort to co-ordinate. If you do not use Facebook then please advise Dan Styler separately who will record your attendance.


  1. Funds and Finances
  • 63 fully paid members for 2016 season
  • Up 21 from total members in 2015
  • We are awaiting an up to date bank statement so unable to confirm balances at this stage


  1. Club Kit
  • Steve Nolan is currently collating an order for a GSG club kit order. This will be for standard club fit jerseys (due to minimium order of 10 per item). Steve intends to place this order on 8th July. If members wish to order a Jersey via this method please contact Steve Nolan and arrange payment prior to the 8th July. Cost is £33.60
  • We have also open a Champion Systems (our original kit supplier) order window that is open until the 18th July. This will allow members to order some more bespoke items as minimum order is 10 of any item, not the same item. So if you are looking for bib shorts/tights, women’s or race fit jerseys or skinsuits please order via this method.
  • Orders are placed via the champion systems website and details of how to order if you haven’t done so previously can be found on our website at
  • If you do wish to order please do not delay as if we do not have sufficient items when the window closes it will need to be extended which will delay the whole order.
  1. Ride Profiles
  • It has been decided that from the 5th July there will now also be a C group ride on a Tuesday giving C group riders more opportunity to come out with the club. There is also a preference numbers permitting to split the current B group in to 2 different abilities as the jump between the C group and the B group seems to be getting larger. Therefore if numbers are available the Tuesday night rider will now be 3 groups.
  • There has also been some concerns raised about rider etiquette on some rides. This is not a widespread issue but it is important that we ride safely and respectfully as a club for the enjoyment of our members. We will shortly publish some key bullet points on rider etiquette for members to review.


  1. Crashes
  • There have been a number of crashes on our rides this season, some of which have resulted in injuries to our members. This has caused us to consider how we treat crashes.
  • You will have received via e-mail a membership form to complete and send back (if you haven’t I may have your e-mail address down wrong, please contact Dan and advise). Please can you complete this and return ASAP. The membership form contains emergency contact numbers and relevant medical info to allow us to manage an accident appropriately.
  • Lindsey Styler has also agreed to develop a crash recording form to allow us to evaluate the causes of crashes and try to establish if there are any root causes and to see if we can take actions to limit these going forward.
  • Lindsey has agreed to collate these going forward.


  1. Intro ride
  • We have decided that it would be good to offer a monthly intro ride for those considering joining but may be new to group riding and not confident to go out straight away with one of our established groups.
  • This has been agreed to run on the last Thursday of every month at 18:30 from the sports club (running alongside the usual club rides – therefore giving new riders a chance to meet people and sample a delightful ale or 2 after!)
  • Glen, Andrew Maddran and Bill have agreed to be responsible for running these. It is anticipated that these will run separately to the other C group ride to allow them to be adapted for any ability.


  1. Club Room and Grant
  • Unfortunately the grant application from Sports England has been declined. We are now considering alternative opportunities to raise funds to support the development of a club room at the Sports club.


  1. Youth Section
  • David Mclellan and Ian Ball are now welfare officers for the club
  • David attended the meeting and has agreed to look at creating a club safeguarding policy and a letter of consent to prepare us for offering youth rides.
  • Glen has also agreed to put David/Ian in touch with BC to also consider what we need.
  • Once we have the necessary in place we will publish specific youth rides


  1. Data Protection
  • Now we are holding personal info of members we are looking to produce a data protection policy.
  • Leigh Nolan has a template that we plan to adapt/adopt for the club
  • All details will be collated by Dan onto a master spreadsheet. This will be stored in a secure cloud with a specific username and password for the club.
  • A certain number of members will have access to this (suggested 4 at this stage) to ensure we have people able to access the details in case of emergency. They will be bound by the data protection policy of the club.


  1. Ribble
  • We have been approached by the CEO of Ribble Cycles to discuss a partnership with the club. We are currently discussing terms with them, if agreed we will publish details.