Summer Routes 2019

It’s starting to feel like spring with the lighter nights and milder weather! With the change of the clocks this weekend we can finally wave goodbye to the repetitive winter routes and start to have a bit of variety. Below are the new routes for the summer of 2019 please remove the 2018 routes from your device and download all of the routes below.

We will confirm the route for the Tuesday and Thursday evening rides the day before.

If you do have a device that allows for navigation then please download them where possible, it makes it a lot easier when sorting groups at the start if more people have the routes available. It is also better from a safety perspective the more people in the group who have the route and are not relying on calls from others within the group.

Thanks to Leigh Nolan for putting together routes 6 – 10, helps to split the workload.

 CV1 – 30 miles, 1100 ft of climbing (a sting in the tail with an ‘optional’ climb of Stoney Lane)

CV2 – 30.5 miles, 700 ft of climbing (Clieves Hill Classic – largely flat with a small climb)

CV3 – 27.7 miles, 550ft of climbing (Flat taking in the North Road and Martin Mere Loops)

CV4 – 25.8 miles, 1400 ft of climbing (Ashurst Beacon and Apply Bridge climbs)

CV5 – 28.5 miles, 1000 ft of climbing (Largely flat, elevation is deceptive due to a few drags)

CV6 – 35.4 miles, 1500 ft of climbing (Ashurst Beacon and Crank Road/Billinge Hill)

CV7 – 26.1 miles, 1000 ft of climbing (Lees Lane and Apply Bridge)

CV8 – 29 miles with 684 ft of climbing (out to Wrightington and back out to Longton)

CV9 – 34.1 miles, 600 ft of climbing (Flat all the way – out to Birkdale)

CV10 – 33 miles, 400 ft of climbing (Even Flatter all the way! Southport classic loop)

CV11 – 27.8 miles, 1600 ft of climbing (Lumpy one over Anglezarke)

CV12 – 25 miles, 1700 ft of climbing (Hunters, Roby Mill and Stoney)

Let’s have a great summers cycling, thank you winter route you have served your purpose but let’s enjoy a bit of variety!