COVID-19 update – 13th September

Important notice

After careful consideration, following the additional restrictions placed on social gatherings by the UK government (The rule of 6) the Croston Velo Committee has chosen to temporarily suspend club rides until further notice.

We have chosen to do this for the following reasons

1) The restrictions limit gatherings inside or outside to 6 people and therefore we couldn’t legally assemble on the car park pre ride. Although social distancing is feasible it is not likely to be perceived that way.

2) Attending the Sports Club after, albeit on separate tables of 6 could easily be considered a gathering (given we are all in cycling gear) this would reflect poorly on Croston Velo and put the Sports Club at risk of prosecution.

3) The virus is becoming more prevalent in the NW than other areas of the UK so we need to act responsibly to minimise spread.

Please note that it is still legal to ride in groups of 6 so members are still fine to organise their own rides in their ‘bubbles’. Our preference if you do this is not to wear club kit (if you have other kit available). We are also happy for members of the club to use the social media platforms to arrange rides providing the upper limit of 6 attendees is maintained.

We have taken the above decision for the safety of all of our members and to ensure the good reputation of our club is maintained locally. We will continue to review the restrictions and when we consider it appropriate to restart formal club rides we will reach out (or if another structure looks feasible in the meantime)

We thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Kind Regards

The Croston Velo Committee