Club Subscriptions 2021

Club subscriptions for the 2021 season are now due. Membership remains £20 per annum and runs from April 2021 to April 2022. Thank you to those that have already reached out/paid subs since the return to activity.

Please note that due to reduced activity and the absence of our usual social events the club only spent a limited amount last year (affiliations being the main cost). Therefore, for those members that paid in 2020 we have decided to roll over membership into 2021 and you don’t need to do anything. Current membership for 2021 stands at 96 people.

For data protection reasons we are unable to publish a list of paid members so if you are unsure please reach out to Dan or Lindsey and we will be happy to check the bank account/club register to confirm.

If you wish to pay your subs please transfer £20 to the club current account (unchanged from previous years), if you do not have the details reach out to a member of the committee and we will be happy to provide these to you. When making the transfer please include your name as the reference and also drop Dan/Lindsey a message (probably better to do privately to avoid excess traffic in the club WhatsApp) so we can update the register.

If unable to do electronic transfer then you can pay your subs to a member of the committee when out on a club ride and they will arrange for this to be transferred over and recorded.  

As ever if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Let’s hopefully have a better summer this year and fingers crossed this is a one-way street out of lockdown!

Happy Cycling all!

New for 2021 – C Group Ride Directory

New for 2021. To sit alongside the main summer club routes published a fortnight ago we also have a set of 10 C group rides for weekday evening. A route will be shared ahead of each club ride on a Tuesday and Thrursday so C group riders know the plan when they arrive for the ride. If you plan to join the C group rides please visit the new directory below and download the routes to your GPS devices

Happy riding.

Thanks to Jo Ryding for taking the time to put the routes together and Andrea Whitehouse for sharing them with me.

Croston Velo Route Directory 2021

Summer routes 2021
Firstly a massive thank you to Tim Bryning⁩ who has taken the time to revise/make all the new summer routes for 2021.
As ever we have 10 core routes for the evening rides (Tuesday and Thursday). You can download all of these to your garmin at the start of the season to save doing it every week. Before each ride we will confirm which route it is for this week via WhatsApp and our other social media channels.
This year our route directory is much improved. On the website below you will find the route title, a route summary and a link to the Strava gpx/tcx file to download. This year though there is also a screenshot of the map and elevation profile to help you better understand the route.
Full route directory for 2021 is now available to view / download at . If as many people download as possible then it helps ensure the ride navigation is easier, safer and more free flowing.
Happy riding all 😃

Croston Velo Winter Routes 2019

It looks like winter 2019 is now in full swing and it is getting dark before we set off for our evening rides. As usual at this time of year we shorten the ride distances and reduce the number of routes (to ensure you can become familiar with the route and road conditions). Please can all riders review the routes below and download them to a bike computer if you are able to do so. 

On a Tuesday evening one of three routes will be selected (Winter CV2, CV3 or CV4) depending upon the weather conditions on the evening. Thanks to Leigh Nolan for completing these. 

On a Thursday we will stick to one route throughout the winter season Winter CV1 until spring.

This year for each route we have also completed a risk assessment to identify some of the key risks and actions required to minimise these. Please ensure you read these everyones safety. Please note the roads are a very dynamic enviroment and these do not cover all risks, as usually please be sensible and aware of your surroundings and adjust ride speeds to suit the conditions. We will shortly publish a reminder on winter riding etiquette to support with this.

Winter CV1 – Thursday

Risk Assessment Winter CV1

Winter CV2 – Cobbs Brow

Risk Assessment for Winter CV2 Cobbs Brow

Winter CV3 – Hunters

Risk Assessment for Winter CV3 Hunters Hill

Winter CV4 – Banks

Risk Assessment for Winter CV4 Banks

Croston Velo Road Race 2019

Photo Credit Ellen Isherwood

Today was the 2019 edition of the Croston Velo Road Race at Pimbo. The weather looked a bit grey to start but it soon brigthened up and largely held out for the day. Some great racing in both the 2/3/4 mens and womens races. Congratulations to our winners today Steven Fidler and Monica Eden. Full provisional results can be found below. 

As ever these races couldnt happen without the the commitment of the volunteers from the club, massive thank you to

Andrea Whitehouse, Bill Tinsley, Carl Ryding, Chris Breen, Chris Woods, Dan Connor, Lindsey Styler, Jane Bodrick, John Decamp, Ken Birtles, Mandy Beard, Mike Newton, Nick Clarke, Paul Newton, Peter Bland, Peter Rigby, Richard Crompton, Sarah Williamson, Nicky and Geoge Wilson (The Coffee Caddy) 

Thanks also to all the officials – Peter Deary, Iain Walker, Dave Greatorex, Gary Bryson, Iain Hutchinson, Michael McMillan, Sue Gornall, Tom Wareing

As ever thank you to Ellen Isherwood for her awesome photos (it just wouldnt be the same without her) the full album is available here

Mens 2/3/4




Steven Fidler


Josh Whitehead


Tom Bracegirdle


Alexander Hutchinson


Brian Rigby


Alex Dobrowolski


Christopher Humphries


Declan Hudson


Richard Bickley


Thomas Davison


Tom Roper


Sami Al Hadid


Tim Worthington


Thomas Mitchell


Matt Johnson


Andrew Markham


Graham Howell


Thomas Hogan


Matthew Rodger


Matthew Finnegan


Oliver Newlan


Conor McKinnon


David Nearney


Samuel Wadsworth


Matthew Wales


Gavin Berry


Stephen Talbot


Christopher Quinn


Ronnie Coleman


Thomas Hanlon


David Jackson


Oliver Barker


Tim Riley


Ian Clarke


Matthew Kirkbright


Karl Freeman


Mark Fenton


Charlie Critchley


Robert Bagot


Ralph Wilding


Paul Foster


Ron Plumbley


Andrew Parker


Tristan Piling


David Wilkinson


David Gleave


Ben Metcalfe


Tom Davies


Thomas Sparkes


Steve Knowles


Keith Bailey


Martin Phillips


Harvey Stroh


Jamie O’Connor


Gareth Frankland


Mark Lowden


Stuart Crawford


William Abbott


George Hodgkinson


Martin Harney


Sam Dobson

Womens 2/3/4 


Monica Eden


Flora Knight


Flora Giles


Keri Parton


Jo Ryding


Gemma Sargent


Rosie Walsh


Lydia Hunter


Rachael Galler


Helen Jackson


Emily Martin


Nicola Greenwood


Katie Parry


Alexandra Kendall-Smith


Amy Couton


Victoria Peel


Hope Kerry


Josie Cram

Thanks all

Daniel Styler

Croston Velo

New Club Records

Lindsey Styler’s excellent season draws to a close with two new club records beind set for the ladies 10 and 25 miles time trials. 

On 8th August a new 10 mile record was set with a time of 22 mins and 26 seconds on the new Southport course. Closely followed by a new 25 mile record on the South Wales course of 56 mins and 52 seconds. 

Well done on a fantastic season. All current club records can be found on

Winter Riding Etiqutte

So the clocks have gone back and there is certainly a notable change in the temperature this weekend. It always becomes that little bit more challenging to get out that door and go for a ride. Group cycling in winter can be a great way to stay motivated and it certainly pays dividends when spring arrives (which feels a long way away at the minute!).

However riding in a group when it is dark and the weather is often worst can create some additional hazards but if we all watch out for one another and follow some simple tips we can ensure we all have a pleasant and safe winter’s cycling. This time of year always throws up these challenges as we all still have our summer legs on but are suddenly plunged into darkness.

  • Group Size – In the dark/wind/rain it is often more difficult to communicate with one another, by having smaller groups it becomes easier to know whether riders have become separated from the group. Maximum group size will vary dependant on the weather conditions however 8 would seem a sensible starting point (less if it’s particularly grim and perhaps a couple more if it’s a nice still night).
  • Speed – In winter potholes and other hazards are identified/signalled a lot later than normal. Therefore to ensure safety it becomes necessary for the group to reduce the speed a little and leave a bigger gap to the wheel in front to allow more time to react.
  • Be aware – It is everyone’s responsibility to look out for one another, take note of how many are in our group and check to ensure people are still there frequently and when it is safe to do so. If someone is becoming separated from the group please check they are ok, it is possible they may have had a mechanical/medical or other issue and no one wants to be left by the side of the road with a problem in the dark/cold/wet.
  • Follow the route – Please follow the published route, if the worst should happen then at least we can narrow down where you could possibly be. The winter routes have been narrowed down to just 4 so we can become familiar with the directions and hazards. Thursday will always follow Winter CV1 and Tuesday will publish one of the other 3 routes the day before. As a reminder the winter routes can be viewed/downloaded from
  • Rider ability – In winter numbers naturally drop off and having a full range of groups becomes more difficult, as a result you will often find that groups can be more mixed ability and we need to adapt the pace accordingly. Please continue to try and set up different pace groups at the start of the ride if numbers allow as this will ensure those present continue to have a ride to suit them.

And a few useful tips on bike’s and gear

Mudguards – There is nothing worst on a bike than being sat behind someone without mudguards when the roads are wet. Out of courtesy to your fellow club mates in these conditions please fit some mudguards to ensure that they don’t end up with a mouthful of whatever is on the road.

Punctures –are more common in winter as the debris on the road increases. Make sure you are self-sufficient and able to fix a puncture, it is worth carrying a minimum of 2 spare inner tubes, tyre levers and a pump/CO2.

Tyres – Linked to the above. Proper winter tyres serve 2 purposes firstly they are more durable and secondly they have more grip for when it is wet, also consider a wider tyre diameter 25mm or 28mm if your bike frame allows. Remember to check them more regularly as a poorly maintained tyre can lead to more moments stood fumbling around in the dark by the side of the road with frozen fingers.

Maintenance – Unfortunately the weather does take its toll on your bike, a lot of cyclists have a cheaper bike they use though winter for this very reason. Worst case though making sure your stead is in cleaned on a regular basis will prolong its lifespan, pay particular attention to moving parts such as the chain/groupset as well as the braking surfaces and brake pads.

Lights – Get some decent ones, being able to see the road in front makes it easy to react to potholes and other obstacles that the British highways present us. Where possible keep a 2nd small light on front and back as backup if your main light was to run flat or fail. Ensure they are fully charged when leaving the house as its pretty dark out there when they fail on you.

Clothing – Being cold and wet is the reason most people suffer on winter rides. If possible invest in the best quality kit your budget permits. When out in tough conditions you will certainly appreciate it! It is always recommended that you carry a waterproof

Club riding in Croston

We need to bring to your attention that we have received a complaint from a Croston resident which has come via British Cycling. The main element of the complaint involves conduct of club cyclists in and around Croston and general respect for other road users in the area.

I know that for many of you this will be upsetting as Croston Velo wants to me known as an inclusive club where like-minded people can come and enjoy the sport of cycling in a friendly, social environment. I feel the significant growth of the club in the last two years has meant that club rides have grown in numbers and as a result has caused some inconvenience to local residents. It seems sensible at this stage to remind club members of some simple points that if adhered to should ensure we can work together with the residents of Croston to ensure we minimise any disruption.

1. When cycling through Croston and other local villages please slow down and be respectful of local residents and your surroundings.
2. Never ride more than two abreast, and on narrow country roads please consider single file if appropriate to ensure no obstruction/risk to oncoming traffic.
3. When approaching road junctions ensure you reduce speed and be prepared to stop. Always ensure the road is clear and there would be adequate space of the group to navigate the junction before pulling out.
4. At the end of the ride please slow down as we re-enter Croston.
5. Always adhere to the Highway Code, if you wish to review this it can be found at (rules 59 to 82 apply to cycling).

We have enjoyed a very successful 4 years since the club started in 2013 working in partnership with Croston Sports Club we want to be seen in a positive light by our community providing opportunity for local people to enjoy the sport of cycling at all levels. Let’s ensure we all work together to minimise future disruption and build a positive reputation for the club.

We do have a guide to club cycling and the etiquette of riding in a group which is published on our website, if you haven’t yet reviewed this or feel you would like a refresh this is available at…/group-riding-etiquette/

Let’s ride safe and enjoy the rest of the summer (when it stops raining!)