Croston Velo Road race – Photo and Video

There has been a lot of photo galleries and video’s published of the Croston Velo Road Race sponsored by Twin Lakes Velo Cafe on the 3rd June. Thank you to all those who have published content including Ellen Isherwood, Stephen Salmon, Sean Owens and Dan Styler. to make things easier we have collated links to all of the albums.

Ellen Isherwood (Lancs Racing Scene)

Mens 3/4 – Link

Womens 3/4 – Link

Steve Salmon

Mens and Womens race – Link

Sean Owens

Mens and Womens race – Link

Road Race Video – Link

Dan Styler

Mens 3/4 – Link

Womens 3/4 – Link

Group Riding Etiquette

As the number of people on our club rides grow we have recently published the decision to have a club ride for all abilities on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays. One of the key reasons for our growth has been the inclusive and friendly approach we take to our group riding.

Given the number of different abilities and range of group riding experience it seems a good opportunity to re-affirm some of the key cycling etiquette’s that makes group riding an enjoyable pastime. Please take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with these, full details of the Croston Velo group riding etiquette can be found at…/group-riding-etiquette/

• Communicate – no one likes riding through a giant pothole or having a near miss with a car, where possible point/call out holes and other obstacles

• No Half Wheeling – This occurs when two riders on the front decide to continually try to nudge in front of one another, it has the effect of driving the pace up and up until the group starts to struggle (potentially causing accidents)

• Surging or riding off the front – A group ride is not a race and creating a gap makes it difficult for everyone which slows the whole group down overall. If you want to go faster see if someone wants to go with you to ride separate from the group.

• Accelerate steadily out of junctions – fast accelerations cause significant gaps as riders struggle to get up to speed. It is known as the concertina effect. It has the effect of stretching everyone and making riders tired.

• If you are on the front, remember that people are following your calls. If you make a decision to pull out on a roundabout or junction, you need to call “Clear!” or “Wait!” to warn the pack of hazards.

• If you are at the back of the group and either see someone dropping or are being dropped, it is your responsibility to call to the cyclists in front that the pace is too high. The pack must communicate this up to the front. The lead cyclists will not be aware if you start to drop.

Group riding etiquette is to ensure rides are safe and enjoyable for all people involved. It’s great to see our members growing so well and I look forward to a long and enjoyable summers riding! No just for this rain and wind to go away and give way to the warmth and sun!

Rider Communication

There has been some confusion in recent weeks about the correct communication in the group. This was discussed at the recent meeting and the following was decided. Please can all riders use these going forward where possible.

‘Car up’ = Car approaching from behind

‘Car down’ = Car approaching from the front

‘Inside’ = pothole to the left of the group

‘Middle’ = Pothole in between riders

Can we also ensure that all calls are passed down the group to ensure all riders remain safe.

Thank you in advance.