2020 Club Subs

Its that time of year again when we all look forward to the 2020 season. Club subs run from April to April and are therefore due before the 30/04/2020. 

Club subs for the season are £20 which can be paid direct into the club bank account, please include your name as reference and send Lindsey or Dan a quick message to confirm paid (details unchanged from prior seasons, please contact a Dan, Lindsey or Carl Jackson if you need the details – please note this is the much preferred method of payment as reduces the level of cash and the need to go to a bank). Alternatively if you wish to pay cash please pay Dan, Lindsey or Carl Jackson. If joining for the first time please be aware that we will need a completed membership form with your payment http://www.crostonvelo.co.uk/croston-velo-membership-form/

Last year we offered a discounted rate as the club had surplus funds in the the account, we have made the decision to stick with the standard subs for 2020 for the following reasons

  • Club funds have reduced due to investing in a stock of club kit
  • We are not holding a road race in 2020 which has previously generated a small surplus
  • We are considering options to expand the bike storage if demand dictates and will need surplus funds for this. 

We look forward to another excellent year of cycling.